Y & G

Letter from Tony Holmes to :- Yeadon & Guiseley Motor Club.
We, as all Clubs, have an on going problem obtaining Observers.
Observing is a thankless task, stood out in all weathers making split second decisions and awarding scores to riders accordingly.
However, for the sport we all love and enjoy it is always a very hard task obtaining Observers for the people that spend hours planning and putting events together for you all to ride.
So here are my thoughts.
Why not for one weekend a year give up your ride and observe.
Reasons for doing this
• Point 1 :- Helping your Club out.
• Point 2 :- I as a rider find it very interesting and quite informative to see how other riders approach different obstacles and use this information to improve my riding.
• Point 3 :- You as a rider understand sections and therefore are able to award a fair score.
• Point 4 :- To encourage Junior and Beginners, and sometimes give them a little advice that you have obtained over the years.