Y & G

Cobb and Jagger Trophy Report. Yeadon and Guiseley clubs Cobb and Jagger Trophy trial on Sunday attracted a top-class field, as you would expect for a round of the Yorkshire Centre Championship, but local riders didn’t have it all their own way. Heavy overnight rain forced sections to be changed early Sunday morning, as the streams which play a major part of the venue were in flood, but the organisers still managed to mark out 14 sections ridden 3 times. Sections 2 and 4 were the major mark takers for the experts, although a nice step out of the stream on number 2 did give the superstars a chance to showboat, whereas section 4 was a very slippy climb between the trees, 3 and 4th gear being the order of the day, with the best scores of the day being single dabs by eventual winner Harry Turner, George Hemmingway and Dan Thorpe. Section 9 observed by George and Harry’s mum was another tester, with Harry Turner, Harry Hemmingway and Isle of White visitor George Gosden recording the only 3 cleans. Harry Turner continued his great start to 2022 and the 300 Scorpa with the win, and Uncle Ben and Harry Hemingway both getting the better of Harry Hemo. In the Clubman A class, Gavin Black was pushed all the way by Katy Sunter, who had a nice cushion over 3rd placed Neil Wright, but it could have been a different story had Katy not had a 5 on a difficult section 3 on the last lap, as she started the lap 2 ahead, but that’s trials. The Clubman B class had a 3-way tie for the win on 4 marks, eventual winner Phil Hammond losing all his marks on Wendy Sherwin’s section 6, and a 3 and a dab, the BSA of Robin Luscombe only had a dab here, but the drum brakes didn’t help on section 1, a steep drop and turn, where he lost 2, when many had 3 cleans, and Steve Fowler’s 4 separate dabs made him miss out on the tiebreaker. Lucy Ayrton continued to improve and recent events on the harder route must be paying off, as she got the better of a few established clubman B riders, in 13th place, but only 2 marks off 8th. The small wheel conducted class was winners Aiden Richardson and William Hemmingway completed 3 laps of 6 sections losing 18 and 15 respectively, on a very cold and windy day.